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CRYS is a Youth Service that provides a number of services and supports to young people in Carlow and surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more please click the button

Recently and due to the pandemic, we have noticed that young people and parents would like to find more supports for young people who studying and doing homework from home. We have complied a list of links to other excellent services and number of inspirational and practical images (right click on images to enlarge)

What to do if you have a Difficult Subject

Best Way’s to Study

How to take notes

For Some additional supports please check out this list

See Information Below

Irish Second-level Students Union. They want to ensure that young people aware of information in regards to working/ studying from home. Following the recent government announcement in relation to the continuation of education during level 5 restrictions, the ISSU understands that there is a lack of clarity and sense of confusion amongst the Irish student body. As a way of combating this confusion, the ISSU is conducting an information campaign.

This includes:

A summary of the recently released remote teaching guidelines

A list of students’ online education rights

Guides to various platforms

Template email to assist students in contacting teachers

A guide to an effective online learning space

All of these resources are available at our online learning hub at We have also included access to the summary of the Department guidelines and the Charter of Student Rights

Challenges and solutions- schooling during lockdown

Our Comhairle Na Nog Youth council have been working really hard on behalf of all the young people 12-18 years in Carlow. They have highlighted the challenges that some young people in Carlow are facing during lockdown specifically around school. They have also made some practical suggestions on how to overcome these challenges. Our hope is that:

  • Young people will see that they are not the only ones facing these challenges
  • You may take some of the recommendations on board
  • Parents and teachers may see the young person’s struggles in a different light

We have created a link on our CRYS website which has an array of youth friendly supports and resources. check out our Comhairle page Comhairle na nÓg ( or