Traveller Youth Project

The Traveller Youth Project:

Within a team based approach the youth workers work directly with young people for the travelling community. The Project provides support and advocacy for young people. The project works with young people to increase their capacity to recognise, manage and reduce ‘at risk’ behaviour. It aims to help young people identify their strengths and capabilities and guide them towards activities and groups that are beneficial to their social and personal development. Our primary focus is to work with young people from 10 -16 year old age group and their families, but not excluding other age groups where an assessment of risk indicates that they can benefit from our support. The worker work on a one to one basis or with small groups to engage with young traveller and to encourage them to participate in youth programs and activities within CRYS integrated youth services.

For more information contact

Donal on 086 7778841

Theresa on 0868054601