Web Safety

In CRYS we work with young people, and work with young people at where they are in life. With the current pandemic, we have adjusted our approach to meet young people online in the Digital world. The online/virtual world can be equally a fun exciting place, full of opportunity and also can be used in a very negative way. As a team within CRYS we have taken every opportunity to make ourselves aware of these risks through training, and discussion with staff that have more experience when using computers, and the internet.

At present we have developed a gaming programme, which has the benefit of working successfully online, and for us the staff have learned to understand how online gaming principles work. We have also used websites such as Disccord. We make every effort to ensure that the young people we work with are safe online.

During the lockdown we continued our online work due to Covid. As a result we are using platforms such as ZOOM, WhatsApp, House Party. Our efforts to keep young people safe when online is still paramount in our work. We wanted to share some websites that you may find useful when at home.