Youth Club Support and Development

Carlow Regional Youth Service (CRYS) aim is to work with and support current affiliated clubs, and will outreach to areas to explore the option of starting up new clubs for young people in the county. We hope to develop a network of volunteer led groups with a responsibility of working with young people so that CRYS and the club network can ensure that quality youth work is reaching out to all corners of County Carlow, through highly trained volunteers. The affiliation can also aid groups, clubs, or organisations that work with young people who may have insurance with other organisations but would like to be connected to a larger network for support, training, and other information.

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs have developed a National Quality Standards for Volunteer-led Youth Groups. The National Quality Standards for Volunteer-led Youth Groups is the result of much consultation and input from a large number of youth groups, organisations and agencies. The overall aim of the standards is to help improve the quality of the programmes and activities for young people and the way in which they are provided. In addition, through the standards, young people will be encouraged and supported to have a say in the planning, design and delivery of their group’s programmes and to become more involved in the running of their group. CRYS aims to support its current clubs and future groups in following the guidelines set out by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. This will ensure best practice and continued success.

For further information please contact Jamie on 085 1397397